How to vote by absentee ballot

You can vote completely by mail, so click here and complete the official absentee ballot application, bring it in (Mallory Town Hall at 9 Rt 39 North), mail it, or fax it to the Registrar at (860) 350-5041.

When the Registrar gets the application, you may get the ballot (personally or by mail). Once you voted by filling it in, you then return the ballot by hand or mail (if faxed, mail the original application with the ballot).

If you have further questions, contact Sherman’s Registrar of Voters

Additional comments on absentee voting:

You must be a registered voter. See How to Register.

Available for any election, primary or referendum.

Generally, voting by absentee ballot is allowed for any voter. The first reason offered on the application is “COVID-19 ►”.  All voters are able to check this box, pursuant to Senate Bill 1202 of the June Special Session 2021.

Other reasons are for those who are ill; physically disabled; serving in the military; those who will be out of town on election day; those providing service as a poll worker in polling places other than their own; or those whose religion forbids secular activity on election day.