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A Great BOS Team: Promises, Successes

By First Selectman Don Lowe in Town Tribune, September 28, 2023

(editor note: The title was added by the SDTC webmaster, not by Don)

Friends and Neighbors,

I have had the privilege of serving as your First Selectman since 2018. I’m asking for your vote to serve Sherman for two more years.

PROMISES: When I ran in 2017 and you elected me, all I had to offer were promises. I promised to keep Sherman financially strong, promised to budget prudently, to manage Sherman responsively and effectively, and to be actively engaged on issues concerning our seniors, our Sherman School, emergency services, public works, Flappy Acres Farm, Candlewood Lake, and other Sherman matters. And, as I will point out later in the column, all of those promises have been met and Sherman has thrived in the last six years.

SUCCESS: But I didn’t do this alone. This success has taken an entire team of good people working together. The only thing 1 can truly take credit for is my ability to get people to work together. I’m pretty good at that. When I started in 2018, I made a conscious decision to not be concerned about politics, to work in a non-partisan way that incorporates the skills of many amazing people. And it starts with my Board of Selectmen (BOS). I can’t say enough good things about both of the selectmen, Joel Bruzinski and Bob Ostrosky.

A GREAT SELECTMAN: Joel Bruzinski has been on the board for two years now and has made a tremendous difference with his good judgment and his conscientious work ethic. (Previous to this, Kevin Keenan was the democrat selectman and he served the town exceedingly well too!) Joel brings a hands-on business acumen and is an old-school conservative when it comes to spending tax-‘ payers’ money. He graciously stepped up as a committed member of the Sherman School Building Committee and has served as the BOS’s liaison for that critical project. He works cheerfully and honestly for Sherman, has a strong sense of planning and Sherman’s future, and I’m proud to call him a fellow board member.

ANOTHER GREAT SELECTMAN: Bob Ostrosky, on the Republican ticket, has served on the BOS for 10 years and is, in my opinion, an unsung hero for his repeated good judgment and for the care that he puts into his decisions. Bob brings corporate management skills to the table and keeps the BOS on track both procedurally and progressively. Like Joel, he has a vision for Sherman’s future and he bases many of his decisions on where Sherman will be in the near and the far future. Bob is exceptionally strong at creating budgets and finding the most economically sound ways to use taxpayers’ money to keep Sherman running well.

RESULTS: This is not some “rubber stamp” Board of Selectmen where all three plod along in sleepy lockstep with each other. Quite the opposite. We disagree but without the political backstabbing, we disagree to find the best solutions, and we disagree politely and constructively.. Consequently, this BOS has leveraged some favorable financial circumstances to save Sherman taxpayers money by budgeting tax decreases five years in a row. We also nearly doubled the Sherman surplus/rainy day fund, and overall, as taxes dropped services increased. As a board, we completely revived and repaired Happy Acres farm and we have shepherded successful capital projects on every single Sherman-owned entity. It’s been a good six years for Sherman. For Sherman’s well-being, I hope all three of us are back working together for two more years.

THE SHERMAN SCHOOL: Saturday, October 7 will be the referendum to fund a plan to renovate the Sherman School in order to fix the building’s severe infrastructure issues and to right-size the building for current and projected K-to-8 enrollment. If that referendum passes, it will be full speed ahead to make that building whole again. If the referendum fails, it will still be full speed ahead to make that building right again. As long as I’m the First Selectman, we will find a way. Sherman is greatly marginalized when its school building – its most expensive asset – is marginalized. An even worse scenario would be regionalization in which we send our young students to other schools. That’s unacceptable. Property values are dependent on a strong school and the Sherman School is a key part of our Town culture. I’m proud to have put three children through the Sherman School and am pleased that others, in years past, voted to fund the school for them. Now it’s time to fund the school to make it whole for new generations for years to come.

COMING UP: In my next campaign column, I will write about what is expected of a First Selectman to serve Sherman correctly. I will mention others who have furthered the collective improvement of Sherman over these last six years. I will outline, specifically, a list of successful capital projects completed over these last six years

Our Candidates

First Selectman:

Don Lowe (term 1/1/2024 – 1/1/2026)


Joel Bruzinski (term 1/1/2024 – 1/1/2026)


Rich Connell (term 1/1/2024 – 1/1/2026)

Board of Education:

Matthew Vogt & Timothy G. Laughlin (term 1/1/2024 – 1/1/2028)

Planning and Zoning:

Commissioner: Christian R. Dacunha (term 1/1/2024 – 1/1/2028)

Commissioner: Anne C. Weisberg (term 1/1/2025 – 1/1/2029)

Alternate: Lauren Weber (term: 1/1/2024 – 1/1/2026)

Alternate: <open>(term: 1/1/2024 – 1/1/2026)

Zoning Board of Appeals:

Ann Chiaramonte (term 1/1/2025 – 1/1/2030)


James Baird  (term 1/1/2024 – 1/1/2026)



To members of the Democratic Party of the Town of Sherman, CT.

Pursuant to the Rules of the Democratic Party and State election laws, you are hereby notified that a caucus will be held on:

Month: July 2023

Date: 19th, Wednesday

Time: 7:30 pm

Location: Sherman Senior Center, 8 CT-37,  Sherman, 06784

to endorse candidates for the 2023 Municipal Election and to transact other business as may be proper to come before said Caucus.

Candidates are requested to be present for the vote and to sign the paperwork. Please let me know if you definitely cannot attend. 

Best wishes, 


GOP’s Callahan secures 2nd term after defeating Democrat Ginsburg in 108th House District race

GOP’s Callahan secures 2nd term after defeating Democrat Ginsburg in 108th House District race

Republican incumbent Patrick Callahan and Democrat Jeff Ginsburg faced off in the 108th House District race. The district consists of Sherman, a section of western New Milford, and part of northern Danbury. Contributed photos

Republican Patrick Callahan will be sworn in for a second term as state representative after defeating Democratic challenger Jeff Ginsburg in the Tuesday race for Connecticut’s 108th House District seat.

Callahan — a longtime New Fairfield resident who worked in law enforcement for almost 30 years — has represented the 108th since defeating Democrat Dannette Onofrio in the 2020 election.

With 100 percent of votes tallied, unofficial election results from the Secretary of the State as of Wednesday showed Callahan with 5,942 votes and Ginsburg with 4,306.

“It took a long time for the results to come in, but I ended up winning by a really substantial margin, so I’m very happy with that,” Callahan said Wednesday afternoon. “Being that I worked hard in Hartford and worked hard campaigning, I was happy that it was such a large victory.”

Ginsburg — a Sherman resident of nearly 20 years with experience working in and with local organizations — said he may have lost, but it was a close race in his hometown.

“In my own town (Sherman), I lost by 57 votes,” he said Tuesday night, noting that New Fairfield was “the hardest nut to crack because that’s where (his) opponent’s from.”

Unofficial election results as of noon Wednesday showed Ginsburg lost New Fairfield by 1,385 votes. He received 105 fewer votes than Callahan in Danbury and 89 fewer votes in New Milford.

Although it’s too soon to say whether he will run again, Ginsburg said people are already encouraging him to.

“I’ve gotten some feedback from people, saying how it was a close race,” he said. “I can’t say that I’m definitely going to run again — it’s too early — but people are encouraging me already, particularly because I started so late and got so close.”

Ginsburg said he decided to run for several reasons, including to give back to the community and advocate on behalf of the common interests of the district’s towns.

If elected, he said he would have not only advocated for the formation of a commission focused on the “economic aspect” of Candlewood Lake but worked to help keep senior citizens in the area while keeping zoning regulations at the local level.

Callahan had said his top priorities as state representative will include Candlewood Lake and Squantz Pond State Park, as well as working to reduce taxes and address juvenile crime.

As a result of recent changes to Connecticut’s voting district lines, Callahan will represent a slightly different 108th House District than he did prior — one with more New Fairfield constituents.

Beginning in 2023, New Fairfield’s southwestern corner — which currently belongs to the 138th House District — will become part of the 108th, joining all of Sherman, a section of western New Milford, and part of northern Danbury.

Candidates for 2022 Democratic Nominations

In May, the Democrats will nominate one candidate for each of the following offices:
Ned Lamont
Lt Governor
Susan Bysiewicz
William Tong
Sean Scanlon
U.S. Senator
Richard Blumenthal
Probate (for Sherman, 44th Probate District)
5th CD Congress
Jahana Hayes
30th Senate District
Eva Bermudez Zimmerman
108th Representative District

SDTC Holds a ‘Meet and Greet’ at the IGA

On Saturday, Oct 9, 2021, between 8 am and 11 am, the SDTC placed a greeting table in front of the IGA in Sherman. Board of Education candidates Kate (Kelley) Frey and Matt Vogt were present. Chris McDermott coordinated and ensured the event was a success. Andrea O’Connor and Chris made chocolate chip cookies. Tim Laughlin created an informative handout.  Marie Mennonna, Barbara Ackerman, and Bob Gamper also generously helped make it a success.