A Brief Explanation of How the BOS is Elected in Sherman

Sherman elects three selectmen: a “First Selectman” and two other “Selectmen.” The election is designed so that no more than two of the three can come from a single party. The election process for the board of selectmen in Sherman is a bit unusual in that the First Selectman candidate who does not collect the most votes is automatically in the running for a Selectman seat.
  1. Each party nominates two candidates, one for First Selectman, the other simply for Selectman.
  2. Voters vote for one candidate for First Selectman and one other candidate. They can either split their ticket or vote a straight party line.
  3. Whichever of the two First Selectman candidates gets the most votes is elected as First Selectman.

Of the three remaining candidates (i.e., the First Selectman candidate who lost plus the two Selectman candidates), the two that get the most votes become the Selectman.