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Below are sites that may inform and inspire you, the descriptions are their own. Please forward any additions you may have.

The Huffington Post—The internet newspaper

The Politico—Top political news

Real Clear Politics—Selected commentaries, news, polling data, and links to important resources from all viewpoints

Slate—Daily magazine offering general-interest analysis and commentary about politics, news, and culture

CT News Junkie—Connecticut news site that understands the usual media offerings just…aren’t…enough.

CT Citizen Action Group—  CCAG has created change in the areas of quality, affordable health care, protection of consumers, the environment, and democracy. Started by Ralph Nader in 1970.

The Connecticut Mirror—A nonprofit, nonpartisan outlet that produces deep reporting on government policies and politics. Only state news organization with a full-time reporter in Washington, D.C.

The Cook Political Report—Political analysis

Bill Moyers and Company —The truth about power: blogs, essays, videos.

Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting—Well-documented criticism of media bias and censorship from a progressive national media watch group

Daily Kos— Premier political community. Provides individual and group blogs, news for a variety of netroots activists focusing on progressive policies and candidates. Includes a participatory political encyclopedia and glossaries.—Poll results and a daily commentary that explains, demystifies and critiques political polling for insiders and the general public.

Federal Election Commission—The Federal Election Commission’s Campaign Finance Disclosure Portal provides maps, who contributed to what, PAC stats, etc.

Nate Silver’s Political Blog—(Known for its great 2008 presidential election predictions. Not so good thereafter. But  interesting site.)

Connecticut Campaign Reporting System—This site allows the public to search, browse and download information from campaign finance reports filed by political committees with the state’s election enforcement commission.

Take Action – some how To’s—Another page on this site providing links that explain how to achieve results politically and related resources.

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