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Danette Onofio Releases Her Second Video

Healthy Community

 COVID-19 recovery is on people’s minds. We want a healthy environment where we are safe and that we can enjoy.  And, we want to live our lives as easy as possible.

I will:

  • promote accurate COVID-19 information guided by science

  • ensure we have COVID-19 testing

  • supply PPE and other resources to children, teachers, first responders and essential workers to stay safe

  • fight to provide affordable public health insurance options

  • ensure access to quality medical care

  • protect our environmental assets, including Candlewood Lake

  • Hold Eversource accountable for service failures

Economic & Business Development

As a business owner and business advisor for Western Connecticut SCORE,

I will:

  • provide business with science-based COVID-19 information that keeps them safe and keeps businesses afloat

  • work to cut red tape and streamline processes for businesses

  • keep taxes low through more effective practices

  • work to reinvent, expand and create businesses

  • ensure funding for schools and align them to match upcoming jobs

  • lower healthcare costs for families and businesses

  • ensure funding for infrastructure improvements

  • hold Eversource accountable for power outages

Environmental Protections

A healthy environment is one with clean air, water and land. Safe lakes for enjoyment and living a life with consistent lights.  I will:

  • fight for funding and legislation to expand clean energy

  • advocate for rate hike freezes, better coordination for emergency responses and restitution

  • work toward management of invasive water and land species

  • beautify properties with native plantings

  • curb the use of pesticides and herbicides along waterways.

Quality Schools and Libraries

A quality school is one that has ample resources and quality educators. During COVID-19, we must ensure our students, teachers and other safe members are safe and learning.

I will:

  • ensure students have an equitable education

  • work so that every school has what it needs for students to learn and teachers can teach

  • advocate for full-funding for our schools

  • be a voice for teachers and parents in Hartford

  • ensure funding is available for school renovations and new buildings

Video Message: Growing the Economy


Danette Onofrio For Connecticut State Representative HD 108

Danette Onofrio is your Democratic candidate to represent the 108th District in the Connecticut House of Representatives; representing New Fairfield and Sherman, as well as parts of New Milford and Danbury.

Danette Onofrio has a rich history with education in public administration, taught public officials for the Marist College School of Management and has public administration experience and skills. She has and will continue to advocate for the people.

Visit her on her Facebook page   or on her website.


Vote for Danette on November 3rd or by absentee ballot.