A Letter of Support for Don Lowe and Ashleigh Blake

Citizen News, Letter to Editor, September 30, 2015

To the Editor:

I write this letter as a very proud 3rd generation
Sherman resident. Anyone who knows me knows I
love this town. Could it be better? My answer in the
past would have been, “no way!‘ As I get older, I
get wiser and I see a great opportunity for change in
our leadership.

From the moment I heard Don Lowe was running
for First Selectman, he had my vote. The experience
that he already has under his belt from his time as
Selectman makes him appealing to me. A leader
who is going to come in and hit the ground running
is what Sherman needs.

Although there is sure to be a small learning curve, it will be shorter than the one we are still on. Clarity, Connection and
Cohesiveness – this is the name of the writing class
that Don is offering at the JCC beginning next
month. I believe this to be what he will bring to our
town. Won’t that be nice?

Volunteering comes naturally and effortlessly to Ashleigh Blake. Knowing her the way I do now, it  comes as no surprise that our first interaction a few years ago was her volunteering to take my son to
camp. This is just her way. She sees a need and she
fills it. I am thankful and feel fortunate to have her
as my friend. Moreover, our town is so lucky to be
the benefactor of her giving ways. Now she would
like to do even more by seeking a Selectman
position. A vote for Ashleigh is a win for Sherman.
Could Sherman be better? Absolutely, and it
starts with great leadership.

Join me and vote for Don Lowe and Ashleigh Blake.
Kim Devine Kean,