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Don Lowe is the New First Selectman with Kevin Keenan as Selectman

Unofficial results showed Lowe winning with 726 votes to Cope’s 636 votes. Cope garnered less votes than his running mate, Bob Ostrosky, and Lowe’s running mate, Kevin Keenan, and will thus be off the board when his term is up.” said the Newstimes.

“It was the men’s second time facing off for the town’s top office. But while Lowe lost his race for first selectman in 2015 to Cope by just 80 votes, he outgunned the Republican incumbent Tuesday by 90 votes, according to unofficial results.” added the Newstimes.

“I’m deeply moved by the message from the voters of Sherman,” Lowe said. “I’m deeply honored. A lot of people put their hard work and sweat into this campaign.”