Don Lowe Has Earned Our Support

From Town Tribune Oct 26, 2017. To the Editor: Sherman needs a leader who is dedicated to the Town and to the position.

In the years that I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Don, I’ve found him to be an intense listener who cares about only one thing- doing  what’s right for the Town. Don has shown that he not only listens to his constituents, but he actually gives thoughtful and careful consideration to their views. Don is a true outdoors man and understands that many of us choose to live in Sherman due to its natural beauty and the many recreational opportunities that it affords. As an adjunct professor and advanced degree holder, Don understands the importance of a strong educational system in Sherman.

Candlewood Lake has experienced challenges that included milfoil and blue green algae. New Fairfield’s Chapman/Hodge pursued a wildly unpopular and unwise plan to introduce for the first time chemicals into Candlewood Lake without consultation with the other Towns or the CLA. Fortunately, Don Lowe became an outspoken and well informed critic of this plan, at one point spending several hours to review the complex factors influencing Candlewood’s water quality. Mr. Cope, despite being presented with a petition signed by scores of Sherman residents who opposed this plan stayed mute—no doubt not wanting to go against his earliest supporters for his failed run for congress- New Fairfield’s Chapman and Hodge who were championing the introduction of dangerous chemicals into Candlewood.

Sherman has only one full time Selectman. We can’t risk re-electing an official who allowed the very real campaign demands of a US Congressional campaign to cause selectman meetings to be cancelled, public comment periods to be truncated and poor decisions to be made that were dictated by the demands of political influences both inside and outside of Sherman.

Don is a homeowner and taxpayer whose interests are closely aligned with the long term interests of the community. He has pledged that the First Selectman job will be his only focus. Don cares deeply about our community and will increase governmental openness and transparency fostering greater community involvement in managing our Town. Don has earned our support.

Scott Randall, Sherman