Frey, Neunzig, and Vogt for Board of Ed 

From Town Tribune Oct 21, 2021. To the Editor:  The Sherman School takes pride in providing a safe, congenial, and creative experience for all Sherman students.   On November 2nd, the voters of Sherman have an opportunity to ensure that the school will continue this tradition by electing James Neunzig, Kate Frey, and Matt Vogt to the Board of Education (BOE).

Kate Frey is an experienced educator who has been teaching for 33 years in public education.  Her formal training in K – 8 curriculum and proven practices in instruction will add a needed element to our Board.  Kate is a consensus builder, a necessary quality for the Sherman School community.

James Neunzig is running for election to the BOE and is presently the Chairperson.   A resident of Sherman for over twenty years and a parent of three Sherman school graduates, James brings a strong business and financial acumen to the position.  I find his communication style authentic and honest. His top goal is to provide an effective and efficient educational system for the students now and in the future.

Matt Vogt, a lifelong resident of Sherman, is presently a member of the BOE.  He is very active on the BOE maintenance committee and has spent considerable time studying the physical plant of the Sherman School.  His experience, knowledge, and communication skills are essential for the board at this time.

Vote for Frey, Neunzig and Vogt on November 2nd.

Robert Gamper