Democratic candidate for state legislature

Andy Grossman
Andy Grossman

Let me introduce myself: My name is Andy Grossman, and I want to be your state representative for the 67th District in New Milford.

I suspect that you’ve grown weary of easy promises made to secure your vote.

My only promise is this: I will work full-time to make sure New Milford’s interests are well represented in Hartford. Even when the legislature is out of session, I will be on the job, meeting with you to find out what’s on your mind. Year-round, you can count on me to navigate the state’s bureaucracy and make sure your voice is heard in Hartford.

During the coming months, I will be knocking on doors asking what I can do for you, asking what’s on your mind, as well as answering your questions the best way I can about my stands on the issues. With your help, we can give New Milford a strong and forceful voice in Hartford.

(See the map for whether you vote in the 67th or the 108th District.)

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