Let’s Resuscitate Volunteerism in Sherman


Citizen News, Letter to Editor, October 28, 2015

To the Editor:

Recent claims of attendance and support of town.
commissions by the selectmen seeking reelection
don’t ring true to me. In my twenty-fiVe years of
service on the Sherman Zoning Board of Appeals, I
cannot recall seeing either of them at any of our
meetings, except to show support for one applicant’s

A more serious lack of both attendance and support
was clearly demonstrated towards the prior Housing
Commission, despite this commission’s frequent
invitations to come to the meetings and provide input
as their proposal was taking shape. To make things
even worse, the often- and still-repeated
characterization of the new Housing Commission as
“recently reinvigorated” remains as insulting,
offensiv and intentionally disrespectful of the
formercihmnissioners as the first time I read it.

Evidently, volunteering these days seems to either
go unappreciated at best, or ridiculed at worst.

This can change on Nov. ‘3rd if Don Lowe and
Ashleigh Blake are elected. Both of them will
continue to be exactly as they have always been
genuinely respectful of everyone, and sincerely
appreciative of the efforts of those who so generously
give of themselves. I am convinced that their election
will result in a rejuvenation of the volunteerism which
has been in such nOticeable decline in recent years.

Furthermore, Don and Ashleigh will not take direct
orders from anyone or any party, relying instead on
their own conscience and good judgment to do what’s
right for Sherman. They may even disagree with one
another from time to time, but that’s ok. An honest
exchange of ideas without vilification always makes
for a better outcome, and that’s how government (at
all levels) should work. ‘I don’t think we’ve
witnessed this often over the last four years.

What town wouldn’t be envious of having the
opportunity to elect these two worthy candidates? I
hope the majority of voters feel the same way because
we may not get another chance anytime soon to elect
such outstanding individuals.

Joe Chiaramonte,