Letter to the Editor: Richard Connell for Treasurer

I have known Richard Connell for many years. He is a very warm and conscientious friend.  I am thrilled that he has stepped forward to be a candidate for treasurer because I think he is uniquely qualified.

He has been an active Sherman citizen for over 23 years with his wife, Mary Jane Magoon, a prominent local artist.

Rich has had a long career on Wall Street including being head of Global Fund Administration for a $14 Billion Hedge Fund. His primary responsibilities had a heavy emphasis on compliance, due diligence, and budgeting. He’s also had major wins in instituting cost-saving systems and measures

I know Rich to be very detail-oriented and compelled to do any task to the utmost.  With Rich recently, retired, I bet he has more flexibility to devote all the hours needed to be treasurer than someone working full time.

Being Treasurer is a perfect extension of his decades-long history of volunteering for Sherman. His financial sector experience, availability, and willingness to put in the time and energy make him uniquely qualified. I urge my fellow Shermanites to vote for Rich on Nov 7th.

Jeff Ginsburg, Sherman Oct 12, 2023