Lowe and Blake are Right for Sherman


Citizen News, Letter to Editor, October 21, 2015.

To the Editor:

The people of Sherman need to elect a team on
Tuesday, November 3rd, who will respect our
volunteers and recognize the selfless contributions
they make to the Town of Sherman. We need a team
that will inspire the people to work on town boards,
town committees and town commissions. A team
that will cormnunicate effectively with the
volunteers. A team that will roll up their sleeves
and serve the people.

That team is Don Lowe and Ashleigh Blake.

Being volunteers themselves on numerous boards
and organizations in town, they are aware of the
time and dedication volunteerism requires. Recently
we have had resignations by highly qualified,
respected and trusted people who do not feel
appreciated by our elected leaders. Respectful
leaders do not send out F acebook messages that
undermine the efforts of dedicated volunteers

Don Lowe and Ashleigh Blake have volunteered
their services for many years at the Sherman School,
on town commissions, and in numerous town wide
charity activities. They truly understand the
importance of our volunteers and respect them
regardless of their political affiliation.

Don Lowe and Ashleigh Blake are energetic and
willing to work hard for the community. They will
listen to the people, consider possible solutions
when problems arise, and, most importantly, pursue
actions to resolve these situations.

Lowe and Blake are right for Sherman. Their
election on November 3rd is important for the future
of Sherman.

Ginny Gamper,