Lowe has High Ideals

Citizen News, Letter to Editor, October 7, 2015.

To the Editor:

I recall the first time I met Don Lowe. It was on a
veterinary house call to vaccinate his new, beloved
beagle puppy. As I waited in the living room of his
charming farmhouse, a framed vintage photo of a
bison herd on his wall caught my eye. This
conversation piece proved to be the beginnings of a
long and continuing friendship. I learned that Don
was the son of a North Dakota dairyman-tumed-
cropduster. His backyard and playground was a
landing strip and wheat farm in prairie pothole
country. There, as in Sherman, it is the countryside
and natural beauty that dominates and shapes the
man. Don earned a degree in journalism at North
Dakota State and then migrated east to New York
City to pursue an interest in the entertainment
industry. As a result Don, much like Sherman. is a
mixture of the best qualities of the country boy and
city man.

Although we still own a house in Sherman. it’s
been over a decade that it’s been our home. Yet I
often think of Don as local crop clusters, who still
ply the skies of rural Idaho, dust the surrounding
comfields for spider mites and spray the spring
wheat for rust. The pilots demonstrate admirable
grace and skill as they make precipitous dives and
then skim the crops to drop a precise load on their
target. I know that Don, at the helm of Sherman’s
selectmen, would exercise similar good judgment and
talent and will practice careful stewardship in town

His unique blend of urban sophistication and rural
common sense, caring nature and strong work ethic
make him a fine fit for town government. I strongly
recommend that you vote for Don Lowe for First

Paul Biagiotti, DVM
Jerome, Idaho