Sherman Democratic Town Committee Newsletter 7/24/2017

Welcome to the newsletter of the Sherman Democratic Town Committee. Our goal is to share with local Democrats news and resources to help us stay involved for positive change on a state and local level. We are committed to working for and with the citizens of Sherman to promote issues, initiatives, and candidates that will make Sherman a better place to live and work.

Small Town Government, Part II:
How Our Sausage Is Made (and Who Makes It): A Brief-As-Possible History of Sherman Politics

Given today’s divisive political climate, it’s understandable that Democrats and Independents are experiencing epic levels of apathy if not downright disgust. We hope that shedding some light on how our town works will prove to educate readers about how to best support those hardy souls who are putting themselves up for election in various town positions this coming November.

Death By a Thousand Cuts?

Big stories make big news, but the sum of many little stories may be just as important.

We are all familiar with President Trump’s “successes,” such as withdrawal from the Paris climate accords and gaining confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Gorsuch. The ways that the resistance to Trump has succeeded, such as delaying and partially blocking the travel ban and the massive opposition and (as of this writing) successful mobilization to block the repeal of the Affordable Care Act, are also well known.

But the devil is in the details. The malevolent impact of the Administration’s executive orders, regulatory and deregulatory actions, personnel decisions, and withdrawals of grants is beginning to add up.

The New Agenda Foundation’s Amy Siskind reminds us that authoritarian governments often take hold through incremental changes that seem shocking at first but quickly become normalized. “Experts in authoritarianism advise to keep a list of things subtly changing around you, so you’ll remember,” she suggests.

Sherman Democratic Town Committee Regular Monthly Meeting
Monday, July 24, 7:30 PM
Old Town Hall (Senior Center)
Caucus to nominate and elect the slate of candidates for the upcoming municipal elections. All registered Democrats from the town of Sherman are welcome and encouraged to attend our monthly meetings.

Board of Selectmen Monthly Meeting
Thursday, July 27th, 7 PM
Mallory Town Hall

Sherman Volunteer Fire Department’s
Annual Ball
Saturday, August 5th, 6 PM

Sherman Park & Rec Summer Concert Series
After Hours Band
Saturday, August 12th, 4-7 PM at the pavilion

Sherman Park & Rec Summer Concert Series
Cripple Creek
Sunday, August 20, 3-6 PM at the pavilion

Sherman House & Garden Tour Returns This September
Save the date! The ever-popular Sherman House and Garden Tour will return this year on Saturday, September 16, 2017, from 10 AM to 1 PM.

This self-guided tour affords one-day-only access to several of the region’s most magnificent private residences and their gardens. Ticket holders will receive a program that describes what to expect at each home, along with addresses. In past years, the Sherman House & Garden Tour has featured lakeside estates, historically significant homes, working farms and horse properties, and Sherman’s most architecturally stunning abodes.

A garden party with refreshments will take place in Sherman’s historic center after the tour.

The Sherman House & Garden Tour is sponsored by the Sherman Democratic Town Committee. A portion of the proceeds are donated to the Guido Tino Scholarship Fund.

Tickets will be available at local retailers this summer.

Sherman is lucky to be represented by two Democratic senators and a Democratic representative in Congress–but don’t think that your phone calls in support of their votes and actions do not matter. Senator Chris Murphy, speaking recently at a campaign-training event, made it clear that tallying up those supportive calls from his constituents helps him maintain a strong case for his positions. Sherman’s state-level representatives are both Republicans.

Congresswoman Elizabeth Esty
(860) 223-8412  (202) 225-4476

Senator Chris Murphy
(860) 549-8463   (202) 224-4041

Senator Richard Blumenthal
(860) 258-6940   (203) 330-0598   (202) 224-2823

State Senator Michael McLachlan  Senate District 24
(860) 240-0068

State Representative Richard Smith  House District 108
(860) 240-8700

We are an organization of inclusion, not exclusion. We have a longstanding history of attracting both Democratic and unaffiliated voters and endorsing both Democratic and unaffiliated candidates. We work to represent the wide variety of Sherman citizens who hold many different viewpoints and opinions.

Paid for by the Sherman Democratic Town Committee, Thomas Conley Treasurer