Vote for Lowe-Keenan

From Town Tribune, Oct 26, 2017. To the Editor: I pose the following questions for thought when you go to cast your ballot next week.

First, to the people of Sherman that have been without cell service for six years. All we have to date is a statement by the current Republican team that they are in negotiations with adjacent municipalities of which, they admitted at the debate, will still not provide service to all of southern Sherman. This is simply not acceptable to homeowners and first responders.

Second, to the elderly who are the backbone of this town’s elected and voluntary positions and find themselves in financial or medical straits, has anything been actually done to alleviate your situation? Does one actually believe that a $300 credit is a tipping point in changing your circumstances?

The above referenced group of people that are affected from these shortcomings are your fellow Shermanites who you see at church, school, town events,and the IGA. Do they not deserve the same cell service you enjoy? Do they not deserve some compassion in their golden years after giving of their time to enrich the life that you enjoy in this town?

If you agree with me that this is just wrong, then please cast your vote next week for Don Lowe for First Selectman and Kevin Keenan for Selectman.

Richard Connell, Sherman