Vote Kevin Keenan

From Town Tribune, Oct. 19, 2017. To the Editor:  We are all aware that there are huge problems and upheaval in our political system. This is true at all levels of government: mostly at the national level, and less so as  we narrow our focus to the local level. But even locally there are similar problems because people are constrained in their thinking by  strong affiliations with a particular political party. In many situations this means that people make their political decisions based on what their party suggests they should think.

What we need in Sherman is someone who is knowledgeable about, and deeply concerned about, Sherman but is able to break the constraints of political affiliation and think of what is best for Sherman rather than what is best for a particular political party.

Such a person is Kevin Keenan. I am fortunate to have known Kevin for all of the 21 years I have lived in Sherman. I admire his dedication to our school system and to our children as a member of our Board of Education, and in several other capacities. Kevin has always impressed me as one who makes decisions only after careful consideration and study of issues.

I still consider the decision to move to Sherman one of the best I’ve ever made. I want Sherman to stay above the divisive political fray and do what is right for its citizens. Therefore I sincerely recommend a vote for Kevin Keenan to serve as a member our Board of Selectmen.  I do believe that our wonderful town would be well served by the election of Kevin Keenan

John Fitzgerald, Sherman,