Don Lowe (D) Candidate for First Selectman

Town Tribune Article, September 21, 2017.

I am deeply honored to be a candidate for First Selectman. I wouldn’t take this on if I didn’t think I could improve Sherman and give maximum commitment toward keeping your tax bill low and your safety and well-being bolstered. I will work for you. If elected, the job of First Selectman will be my only professional obligation. Over the next seven weeks I hope to convince you that my ability to lead and work effectively with others, along with my grit and experience, will offer you the best choice for Sherman’s next First Selectman.

Here’s what you can expect with me as your First Selectman:

Your town budgets will be as lean as possible. It’s no accident that your Town budget since I have been a Selectman these last two years have been so reasonable. Previous to this, before I came on the board, Sherman’s Town budget grew 20% in four years (2011 thru 2015). Those were the highest Town budget increases over a four year span in Sherman’s history. I will be even more effective as First Selectman at continuing this practice of careful and effective budgeting. It will my number one priority. (The Town budget is the budget the Board of Selectman is responsible for. It’s 37% of the total budget. The School budget makes up the rest.)

I will create the necessary synergy required for all Town entities to
work together. The disconnect right now, for example, between the First Selectman’s office and Park and Rec is palpable. As diligent volunteers,  they deserve better treatment by their town leader as do other boards and commissions in town. Our Seniors deserve more attention and resources pointed in that direction and I will advocate for that, especially in part-time staffing needs. I will listen to the concerns of our Public Works employees and treat them with respect. Teamwork and motivating people to work together is a personal strength and if I am First Selectman there will be much better harmony and synchronization between Town agencies.

I will be responsive. I will listen and react. Board of Selectmen meetings will welcome feedback and comments from the public. The public will hear what is being said by the Selectmen and if issues are cloudy they will be explained. I want people to understand what is going on in Town. Shortcomings such as our undrinkable water will be dealt with. Sherman’s sodium levels in its drinking water have been off-the-charts for four years now. Water for both Town and private entities is undrinkable. Yet, after all this time, we are finally meeting with the state health officials (this Friday Sept. 22) who can help us begin the process of alleviating this critical situation. I don’t understand how something like this could go on for this long without efforts to remediate it. But it has. It’s the same for reliable cell phone service. Frustrated at seeing the Residents for Reliable Cell Service receive the same placating treatment meeting after meeting, I am proposing a Cell Service Committee for which I will volunteer to be the liaison to the First Selectman’s office. If I am First Selectman it will make facilitating the wonderful efforts of these concerned citizens even more productive.

I am going to strengthen our business community. Yes, we have one. And we need each and every one of them. Yet, I have spoken with long-time citizens who didn’t know certain businesses even exist – an indication of the need for proper signage that I will be advocating for. I will start an outreach program to help businesses do better and take advantage of each other’s success. I am hopeful that this will extend to the trade businesses as well.

As First Selectman, I will support all efforts to protect Candlewood
Lake. I will continue supporting the Candlewood Lake Authority, which offers the experience and expertise toward keeping Candlewood swim-able, boat-able, and fish-able. It’s outrageous that certain lake contingents, particularly a faction from New Fairfield, went out their way to undermine the CLA. As your First Selectman, I would fight that. It’s like this: our local area and our Town’s economic success is intrinsically tied to the health of the lake. If your First Selectman doesn’t speak out against attempts to undermine the lake’s health then we are playing fast and loose with the local economy. (And goodness knows Connecticut doesn’t need more economic bad news!) I will bring a change here and fight for the health of Candlewood Lake.

Thank you Town Tribune for giving all the candidates a voice here.
There’s much more to tell you, and in the coming weeks I will lay out
other objectives, particularly with respect to your taxes and our children’s education. Feel free to contact me at or 860 778 3394.