Affordable Housing…Waiting and Wondering When

From Town Tribune, October 19, 2017. To the Editor:  Yes, I too am amazed that it has been almost 3 1/2 years since the Cope administration killed a referendum on Affordable Senior Housing. The referendum would have allowed Sherman to compete for state funds…a process that would have taken 3 plus years.

I wish I could say the last 3 plus years were well spent. But you know the answer. Nothing has happened and nothing will ever happen under this administration. When our first selectman referred to the project as low income HUD Housing, you knew his heart was not with the people of Sherman.

He demonstrated this just after his re-election almost two years ago, when he announced he was running for the US. Congress, weeks before his inauguration day.

Over the past few years, many seniors have said to me, when are we going to get Affordable Senior Housing in Sherman? They don’t want to leave our town, but they can’t maintain their homes and they fear the isolation that winter brings.

I always give them the same answer. When we have a new administration.

Steve Roffwarg, Sherman