Ann Chiaramonte for Board of Assessment Appeals

From Town Tribune, October 12, 2017. To the Editor:

The Board of Assessment Appeals consists of 3 elected members who hear the appeals of taxpayers who feel their assessments are in error. The mission of the Board is to review and correct valuations, if needed, to the Grand List. This Board is probably the least familiar to the public. ANN CHIARAMONTE intends to change that! ANN will bring a new voice and a new vision to be your champion for
transparency, and to let you be heard.

Many communities, towns and states are now recommending (and some requiring) at least one member of the Board of Assessment Appeals to be a licensed professional. That is precisely the void ANN CHIARAMONTE can fill with her 24 years as a licensed professional with direct property valuations experience unlike any other board member or contested candidate. Her experience and education
translate explicitly to meet the requirements needed in this position.

Your vote for, ANN CHIARAMONTE, will allow her to steer Sherman in the same forward thinking direction as other communities, towns and states. Together, with your vote, ANN can help us be leaders in this conventional wisdom to represent YOU. Your support at the polls to elect ANN CHIARAMONTE to the Board of Assessment Appeals on November 7th would be greatly appreciated.

Peter Cohen, Sherman