Elect Don Lowe and Ashleigh Blake

Citizen News, Letter to Editor, October 28, 2015

To the Editor:

Having retired as Sherman’s Probate Judge and as Chair of the
Planning & Zoning Commission, these last two years are the first in
decades that I have not been on a ballot in Sherman.

Being in office for so many years, I learned much. Running for office requires the process of party affiliation; however, serving in office requires that party labels be dropped and replaced with representation and leadership for all residents. I know this from experience. It also requires restraint from labeling citizens by characteristics intended to diminish and divide us.

Sherman deserves this kind of leadership from our officials. By
electing Don Lowe as First Selectman and Ashleigh Blake as Selectman, partisan politics will end in Sherman. Based on their long histories of service, they will bring a united spirit back to our town, and Sherman will once again thrive with the sorely-needed advantage of inclusion and consideration of many points of view.

Please vote for Don Lowe for First Selectman and Ashleigh Blake
for Selectman next Tuesday, and be assured of representation in
Sherman’s future without regard of your party affiliation. Remember,
every vote counts.

Barbara J. Ackerman,
Retired Sherman Probate Judge 1979-2003;
Planning & Zoning Commission 2003-2013