In Support of Don Lowe and Ashleigh Blake


Citizen News, Letter to Editor, October 14, 2015.

To the Editor:

If there is one word which describes both Don
Lowe and Ashleigh Blake it would be sincere. We
have known both candidates for many, many years,
and have seen their commitment to Sherman long
before they ever considered seeking the offices of
First Selectman and Selectman.

We know Don to be an intelligent, caring man
who possesses a genuine rapport with both young
and old. He listens to people’s needs and responds.
Don began serving Sherman 15 years ago as a
Selectman, member of Planning and Zoning. and
Chairman of the Land Acquisition Board. His
accomplishments serving in Sherman town
government make him highly qualified for the
position of First Selectman.

Don and his wife Mary Ann have been involved
Sherman School parents for 16 years (their third
child is still in the school). Don has taken a strong
academic interest in Sherman students as a school
volunteer, Sherman Higher Education Fund board
member, and as a private tutor. He is credited with
raising SAT scores for countless college-bound
Sherman students!

Volunteers are the quiet workforce that run
Sherman, and Ashleigh Blake is the quintessential
selfless volunteer. She and her husband Joel have
been giving back to Sherman for seventeen years,
and Ashleigh has one of the best volunteer resumes
in town. As SPTO President she was an invaluable
asset to the school, never delegated her
responsibilities, and quickly earned the respect of
Sherman parents and teachers. Ashleigh is an
excellent role model to her own two children, and
they are ofien seen working alongside their mom.
Nate and Eden are proud to be Sherman’s youngest
Weed Warriors!

Ashleigh is the person working – quietly and
tirelessly behind the scenes, never looking for
recognition. For this reason she was recognized
twice! – as the Sherman School Volunteer of the
Year, and most likely will be again.

Sherman is very fortunate to have two very strong
candidates for First Selectman and Selectman. Our
town is ready for sincere, hardworking leaders like
Don Lowe and Ashleigh Blake. We are proud to call
them our friends.

John and Marilyn Dwyer,