In Support of Don Lowe and Ashleigh Blake:to provide the leadership Sherman has been missing.

Citizen News, Letter to Editor, October 28, 2015

To the Editor:

What we most need in Sherman right now is real

leadership. Don Lowe and Ashleigh Blake are well
qualified to meet that need.

I like Clay Cope as a person (and certainly Bob
Ostrosky as well). Sadly, he has repeatedly proven
himself ineffective as our town’s chief executive,
and has NOT earned my vote for First Selectman.
Sweet, outgoing and charismatic, Clay has been a
fixture in our town for many years – however, this
election should not be a popularity contest.

While certainly accomplished as a “folksy” singer
and songwriter, Don Lowe’s experience and track
record of accomplishments as a leader has more than
proven his analytic acumen, intellectual sophistication, and his ability to make good decisions for our town. Over the past decade, I have
come to greatly appreciate the depth and intelligence
behind his kind and approachable demeanor. His
ideas and long-standing dedication to Sherman will
bring focus and direction to our currently adrift town

Ashleigh Blake is as dynamic as she is brilliant.
Over the years I have watched in baffled amazement
at how she has managed to become a powerful force
for positive change and accomplishment in so many
Sherman organizations, while simultaneously
fostering and encouraging a spirit of fairness,
transparency, and appreciation among volunteers.
This is a rare talent, undoubtedly honed over her
years of experience both in the business world as
well as a (repeatedly-recognized) volunteer here in
town. The Board of Selectmen is a natural next-step
in her public service career, and we will be lucky to
have her.

What we most need in Sherman right now is real
leadership. Don and Ashleigh are well qualified and
ready to meet that need. Vote Lowe/Blake on next
Tuesday: Allow them to provide the leadership
Sherman has been missing.

Kathrine Gubner,