From Town Tribune, September 15, 2016

To the Editor:

Last month, First Selectman Clay Cope decided to cancel the August 25th BOS meeting stating “as there are no action issues”,denying citizens the right to be educated on Town status regarding ongoing issues. The reality is that he wanted to attend the New Britain “All American City” award gala that evening to gather more “hand shaking photo ops” for his run for Congress. This he later posted and boasted about on his Facebook page.

Selectman Don Lowe wrote 2 weeks ago in his column that there very important reasons why the Board of Selectman should have met that night: issues to be discussed by not only the board but by Sherman residents during Public Comment include the terrible condition of Candlewood Lake, the unusable bathrooms at the Town Park, problematic sodium levels in the drinking water in the center of town, lack of reliable cell phone service in many areas of Sherman, and the continued delay in the survey report on affordable housing which was completed last May. Not even a column from the First Selectman in last week’s Town Tribune to give Sherman residents some kind of update on these issues.
First Selectman Clay Cope wrote an editorial piece in the Danbury Patch criticizing Elizabeth Esty for absenteeism stating: “Esty has already proven she cares little for the small towns in our District, her noticeable and prolonged absence as well as her ongoing partisan political activity.” “All you hear from Esty is crickets.”

Has the Town been abandoned by the First Selectman in his run for Congress? Will he cancel the September BOS meeting if it doesn’t fit in to his Congressional campaign calendar? Guess we can’t even expect “crickets” from Sherman’s First Selectman.

Tom Conley, Sherman