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Welcome to the newsletter of the Sherman Democratic Town Committee. Our goal is to share with local Democrats news and resources to help us stay involved for positive change on a state and local level. We are committed to working for and with the citizens of Sherman to promote issues, initiatives, and candidates that will make Sherman a better place to live and work.

2018 Election Updates

As the mid-term election season heats up along with the summer weather, the newsletter will focus on the races that will be on the ballot in Sherman in November, and on the Democratic primary races.

State House District Five: Who wants to take the fifth?
On August 14th, we will take to a Democratic primary to see who will challenge the Republican candidate for the 5thDistrict Congressional seat being vacated by Elizabeth Esty. At this point, Mary Glassman has earned the Democratic endorsement, but barely. Jahana Hayes is committed to what is expected to be a competitive primary challenge. About the candidates:
  • Mary Glassman: On May 14, Mary Glassman narrowly won the Democratic endorsement, barely squeaking by newcomer Jahana Hayes. Glassman announced her candidacy in early April. She has twice served as the First Selectman in Simsbury and unsuccessfully attempted statewide office twice (Lieutenant Governor). She is currently the Director of the Office of Regional Efficiencies at the Capitol Region Education Council. She grew up in New Britain and has been a reporter for the Herald and is a UConn Law graduate.
  • Jahana Hayes: A newcomer to politics from Waterbury, Hayes is a community activist and National Teacher of the Year for 2016. Her story is classic political gold, from teen single mom in public housing to national notoriety. She is currently the talent and professional development supervisor for Waterbury Public Schools. Her focus in on jobs and the economy.
Who the Democratic candidate will face in November will also run on a primary. Republican Manny Santos received the nomination and may be primaried by Ruby Corby O’Neill, Craig Diangelo, Liz Peterson, or John Pistone.
State Senate: A Tie-Breaking Election

Sherman voters have the chance to play a key role in determining control of the Connecticut State Senate this fall.

Republicans gained three seats in the chamber in 2016, creating an 18-18 tie. Democrats retain control only because Democratic Lieutenant Governor Nancy Wyman can cast tie-breaking votes.

A gain of one seat by either party would give that party outright control of the chamber. If the chamber remains evenly divided after the election, control of the chamber will depend on the outcome of the 2018 gubernatorial election (since governors and lieutenant governors run on the same ticket). The gubernatorial vote is generally considered to be a tossup.

Both parties have opportunities to pick up seats and gain control of the Senate. One of the swing districts is our own 24thSenate District, which embraces Sherman, Danbury, New Fairfield, and part of Bethel.

Democratic Party candidate Julie Kushner, a long time United Auto Workers organizer and official, has a long record of fighting for the rights and needs of working people and for extending democracy.

Our incumbent Senator, Michael McLachlan, is very different: So far this year he has voted

  • Against legislation to increase the Connecticut minimum wage to $15.00/hour over a three-year period
  • Against legislation to provide for Family and Medical Leave for workers in the State
  • Against a constitutional amendment to permit early voting (enabling people to vote more easily)
  • Against a proposed law entering Connecticut into the “Agreement Among the States to Elect the President by National Popular Vote”
McLachlan can be defeated. He won the 2016 election by less than five percentage points in a district that Hillary Clinton carried by more than seven percent and Barack Obama carried (in 2012) by almost ten percent.
*                      *                      *
In early April, Julie Kushner attended the forum in Sherman regarding the Cricket Valley Power Plant that is already under construction just a few miles across the border in New York. Her reaction:
“The presenters made a very good case that when the power plant opens, it will expose the people of Sherman to a very unhealthy level of pollution. I found it particularly concerning that New York State is suing Pennsylvania over a similar situation impacting New Yorkers. I certainly believe this is an issue that deserves attention and quick action from our elected officials here in CT. I was impressed with the large turnout from Sherman.  Breathing clean air isn’t a Democratic or Republican issue, this is clearly a problem that everyone needs to see fixed.  I’ve already begun asking questions about this in Hartford.  Hopefully, we will get some better answers than in the past.  This is exactly why I’ve decided to run for our State Senate.”For more information on Julie’s campaign, including upcoming events and how to campaign for her, go to her Facebook  page,
The Connecticut Governor’s Race
Unfortunately, Democratic Governor Dan Malloy has the lowest governor approval rating in the country and will not be running for re-election.

According to a Jan 26, 2018 Boston Globe staff article, “Connecticut provides the best chance in the country for Republicans to flip a governorship from blue to red. Doing so would bring not just bragging rights, but the ability to influence legislative redistricting…

‘Being governor of Connecticut next year has to be one of the hardest or worst jobs in America,’ said Roy Occhiogrosso, who served as Malloy’s chief strategist during his previous two runs. ‘The first thing all of these candidates have to do is present a major plan as to how they will turn things around. All will find there are no easy answers.”

So who’s running for governor?

Most outside observers regard the 2018 governor’s race a tossup. Fifteen Republicans, ten Democrats and one viable independent originally tossed their hats in the ring.

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Susan Bysiewicz dropped out of the race to run for lieutenant governor with leading Democratic candidate Ned Lamont. Both Lamont and Bysiewicz earned the party’s endorsement at the convention, but Eva Berumdez Zimmerman, a candidate for lieutenant governor and a political newcomer from Newtown, stunned the convention by pulling in almost 40 percent of the vote. She is expected to present a significant primary challenge to Bysiewicz.

Bridgeport Mayor Joe Ganim also remains in the running for the gubernatorial race. Although failed to get the required 15 percent of the votes at the convention to trigger an automatic primary, he is likely to collect the required 15,000 signatures to force one.

On the Republican side, the Connecticut GOP endorsed Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton at the their recent convention. Trumball First Selectman Tim Herbst and Westport executive Steve Obstinik won enough delegate votes to enable a primary election on August 14.

Who is most viable? In the next newsletter, we will develop key questions for these candidates and see how they would respond. Going forward with a strong candidate for the general election and beyond will have important ramifications for our community, state, our party and even our nation.


This month, the Sherman Democratic Town Committee’s newsletter introduces an exploration of Sherman’s Boards and Commissions—a look into the dozen-or-so volunteer groups that guide practically every aspect of life here in Sherman and help make our town the vibrant, unique community that it is. We will learn about the history, mission and ongoing projects of each group, and meet the volunteers (your friends and neighbors) who serve on them. We hope that you will be inspired to lend your talent, time and energy to a local mission that speaks to you!

This issue features Sherman’s Conservation Commission:

You would never know it, from the genial, easygoing tone of their meetings and their often invisible work to preserve our local ecology, that the Sherman Conservation Commissioners are fierce protectors of our town’s natural beauty, unique character and healthy future. But these residents, of all ages, backgrounds, and years of service on the Commission, may rightfully be considered local superheroes…especially since they are now taking on two monster projects that are vital for Sherman’s wellbeing: First, to expose the threat to our air quality posed by the Cricket Valley Energy plant in Dover, NY; and second, to publish an updated Natural Resource Inventory (NRI) that makes new scientific and environmental information and research available to our town.

Meanwhile, the Commission continues to sponsor popular existing programs such as “Weed Warriors,” and is developing a host of new projects in line with their mission statement to “protect the natural environment of Sherman and all of its resources.” If you are interested in supporting or joining the Conservation Commission, please attend a monthly meeting, held the 2nd Wednesday of each month at Mallory Town Hall, or contact Conservation Commission Chairman Bill McCann at

Upcoming Sherman Events

Day of Activism for Julie Kushner
Saturday, June 2, 10AM-2PM
112 Deer Hill Avenue, Danbury

*Julie needs our help to continue her fight for justice in Connecticut’s state senate! Join a Day of Activism for her campaign to knock on doors and make sure voters know they’ll have a great choice to vote for in November.
*Just a few hours on a Saturday will make a difference for issues we all care about, like paid family and medical leave, a fair economy, raising our wages, healthcare that we can afford, and a safe environment for our children. No experience is necessary – we’ll provide a training session at 10 a.m. and you’ll get to knock doors with an experienced partner if you’re nervous. Everyone is welcome!
*Please RSVP to and invite a friend.

Sherman Democratic Town Committee Regular Monthly Meeting
Wednesday, June 27, 7:30pm
Old Town Hall (Senior Center)
All registered Democrats from the town of Sherman are welcomed and encouraged to attend our monthly meetings.

Board of Selectmen Monthly Meetiing
Thursday, June 28, 7 PM
Mallory Town Hall.

Contact Your Representatives

Sherman is lucky to be represented by two Democratic senators and a Democratic representative in Congress–but don’t think that your phone calls in support of their votes and actions do not matter. Senator Chris Murphy, speaking recently at a campaign-training event, made it clear that tallying up those supportive calls from his constituents helps him maintain a strong case for his positions. Sherman’s state-level representatives are both Republicans.

Congresswoman Elizabeth Esty (D)
(860) 223-8412  (202) 225-4476

Senator Chris Murphy (D)
(860) 549-8463   (202) 224-4041

Senator Richard Blumenthal (D)
(860) 258-6940   (203) 330-0598   (202) 224-2823

State Senator Michael McLachlan (R) Senate District 24
(860) 240-0068

State Representative Richard Smith (R)  House District 108
(860) 240-8700

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