Support for Ashleigh Blake

Citizen News, Letter to Editor, October 7, 2015.

To the Editor:

In the race for Selectmen I would like to show my
support for Ashleigh Blake. I am a registered
Republican who is putting her party aside and voting
for the changes and hard work that I know Ashleigh
will bring to this position.

As a friend of Ashleigh I have witnessed her work
tirelessly at everything! She is a woman of strong
values that are consistent with our great town. She
is decisive and brings a vision of growth to our
future. I watch her time and time again bridge
differences, make compromise and most importantly
take groups and achieve results.

People in Sherman are committed to their
community and making it better. Ashleigh Blake is
a leader who has the patience and ability to take
Sherman into this next phase. She is someone who
we are lucky to have and makes me proud to be a
part of this great town.

Kristina Wilmot,