Supports the Democrat’s Clean Campaign, Not the Republican’s Attacks

From Town Tribune Nov 2, 2017. To the Editor: For the record, I never ‘liked’ or ‘requested to join’ Friends of Sherman Republican Town Committee as they recently posted in Facebook. I saw that several other people experienced the same thing; two are on the Democratic Town Committee! I am registered unaffiliated voter.

Are we being hacked? Really? in Sherman? Do we really need to bring the underhanded filth in DC to our town? Do we need the unending personal attacks because someone runs against you in an election? This degrading behavior affects us all, bringing our town to new lows.

I would like to believe the town I’ve lived in for 35 years and raised our children, would be better than what I’ve experienced firsthand with our first selectman. That all of us could engage in civil discourse and still be neighbors, even friends, regardless of our differences. This has become impossible over the last 4 years.

I fully support Don Lowe and Kevin Keenen, not only for their superior qualifications that directly; pertain to the positions they are seeking, but, because they have run a clean, positive campaign, and, are simply decent human beings. We need that now, more than ever.

Catharine Cooke, Sherman