Vote for Engaged, Compassionate Leadership


Citizen News, Letter to Editor, October 21, 2015.

To the Editor:

When we choose those who will run our
government, we expect honesty and sincerity. At the
state and federal level, most of us have little if any
contact with our elected officials.

But at the local level, here in Sherman, there’s a
greater opportunity to interact with our elected
officials. Some may have children who go to school
with your children. Others may worship at the same
religious institution.

We have many chances to engage with our local
politicians and we expect them to engage with us
when there is an issue that requires their leadership.
After all, it is our taxpayer money that pays their

Unfortunately, when scores of seniors can no
longer maintain their homes, but want to remain
in Sherman, our selectmen’s professed abstinence cannot be confused with leadership and it certainly isn’t a strategy. Not
participating in any of the dozens of meetings
affecting the future of our seniors and those soon to
be, is both irresponsible and negligent.

We need elected officials who look out  for
everyone in our town, not just those who vote for
them. That’s why we need people like Don Lowe
and Ashleigh Blake. Both Don and Ashleigh are
long-time residents of Sherman who have served
with distinction in leadership positions on a wide
variety of town commissions. They are compassionate people who are fully engaged in making Sherman a town we can ALL be proud of.

Leadership, compassion and engagement are
qualities we’ve been deprived of for too many years.
A vote for Don and Ashleigh will bring those
qualities back in spades and restore trust in our
elected officials.

Steve Roffwarg,
Sherman Resident