Support for Don Lowe and Ashleigh Blake


Citizen News, Letter to Editor, October 14, 2015.

To the Editor:

I would like to describe Don and Ashleigh‘s styles and contrast that with the incumbents. I’ve attended several meetings they led and know of them through their reputations.

Don is an energetic, warm, and active listener. He focuses on the input of each person, responds with intelligence and energy, and creatively synthesizes what has come before and then leads, mixing in his
own inclinations. He kept the meetings moving forward without any hint of steamrollering.

Ashleigh speaks her intentions clearly and forcefully. Ofien I saw how she integrates suggestions into her own momentum; the quick result is a refined and effective position. I’m inspired to take action after hearing her words. No wonder she has been ofien honored for her volunteer work and leadership. She speaks in complete sentences, one of the clearest thinkers I’ve encountered.

To select confidently for the town’s future, I look at what the incumbent leader has promised, has delivered, and his style of leadership.


  • Taxes rose significantly during the last four years
    (to generate a $460,000 surplus, each Sherman citizen on average had to pay at least 10% more in taxes)
  • People complain about the First Selectman’s lack of responsiveness and engagement (e.g. abstaining from voting on the senior housing referendum)
  • No specific amount of saved money has been claimed to occur from any of his initiatives
  • His project management of the ESF and library fell short of his promises
  • His reticence on supporting the lake

I believe Don and Ashleigh’s administrative skills, engagements and affiliations with a wide range of town people, and style of inspiring cooperation will bring a needed strength and vitality to the future of our town.

Jeff Ginsburg