Supporting Don Lowe and Ashleigh Blake

Citizen News, Letter to Editor, October 14, 2015.

To the Editor:

Sherman is incredibly fortunate to have two such dynamic people
step forward to lead Sherman. My wife and I have been dear friends of
Don and Ashleigh and their families for well over a dozen years. We
have had the pleasure of watching them in both personal and
professional circumstances and can attest to their dedication,
professionalism, and myriad qualifications. They have given and
continue to give of themselves for the betterment of Sherman. Each of
them has a long history of working for the well being and benefit of our
cherished town. Sherman needs them.

We need Sherman to run smoothly as a town and for the residents of Sherman who have a wide range of perspectives and priorities to feel heard. We need our leaders to act in the best long-term interest of the town. We believe in Don’s leadership skills, qualifications and perspective. I know that if you knew him as well as I do you too would feel great about the future of Sherman if Don & Ashleigh are at the helm.

Many of you know that Don Lowe spent four years as a Selectman
and has given of his talents and time to Sherman for years since. He is
ideally suited to be our next First Selectman. Personally, I worked with
Don on many Sherman conservation issues and witnessed his passion
for protecting Sherman’s rural character. His easy-going manner is a
perfect balance for his assertive leadership skills. In negotiations and
meetings he makes those around him feel valuable and included. Repeatedly, Don will downplay his own role and always make sure the hard work of his team is acknowledged as a group and individually. This is a rare and critical characteristic of a good leader.

If you have not had the pleasure of meeting Ashleigh, she is an
extraordinary individual. She has the energy of a dozen people
combined. The dedication she has for the town of Sherman runs deep.
I ‘m not sure how Ashleigh finds the time to accomplish all that she
does for Sherman, but thankfully, she does. It is Sherman’s good
fortune that an individual of Ashleigh’s character is stepping into a
bigger leadership position as a Selectman. She is exceptionally
organized, thorough, and thoughtful. Like Don, her people skills and
intelligence will produce better management of Sherman’s budgetary and long-term needs.

With confidence and pride, I support Don and Ashleigh’s run for
First Selectman and Selectman respectively and encourage you to do also.
David Wieder
Sherman CT